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Together: where to watch, exclusives, geese

Yes, after a week long wait it is almost time for Manchester City’s insider documentary ‘Together‘.

Image from Manchester City.

The groundbreaking behind-the-scenes film features the Man City squad in the final 46 days of their incredible season. The film goes closer than ever seen rivaling Amazon’s ‘All or Nothing: Manchester City’.

From the incredible highs of another Premier League in the most remarkable of circumstances to coming to terms with that painful defeat in our first ever Champions League final. We see Nathan Ake’s brilliant piano playing, Pep’s dislike of the famous brown sauce and ‘Riyad‘s Pasta’, a signature dish within the Etihad family.


Where: CITY+ then on YT after one week.

When: 10am (BST).

Who: Features all the Man City players of 20/21.

What: The last 46 days of the 20/21 season.


Image from Manchester City.

It is a fantastic watch and it even seems that at least one of our lineups/formations could have been inspired by geese. Yes, as crazy as it seems Jack Gaughan, a Daily Mail reporter said that Pep Guardiola became ‘fascinated’ with the formation of geese which were captured in-flight when reviewing drone footage of training and shared it with performance analyst, Harry Dunn who noticed similarities between that and how a team should behave together; leaders at the front and those who follow dutifully.

Riyad Mahres also spoke about the devastating Champions League loss.

“We'll take more confidence into Europe. We showed how good we are but that is no guarantee this year. We deserved to win it. With the team we have and the football we were playing, we didn't deserve to lose. I don't think anyone spoke afterwards. Everyone was very sad. It was difficult to speak about anything.” - Riyad Mahrez

And reitereated that Man City can’t become complacent as we seek to hold that Premier League trophy once more.

“A normal human being always becomes complacent when you start winning things. That's human nature. We are here because the club chose us - they think we have the right mentality. The manager pushes us every day, every season. He [Pep] never takes it easy. Every season they say it's going to be tighter and tighter and this season it will be to be fair. This season will be tough, Chelsea are very good - Liverpool, Utd, Arsenal, Tottenham, Leicester too. We are ready.” - Riyad Mahrez

The new documentary will open our eyes to a City we have never seen before. So get ready for 10am, get your popcorn out - there will be laughs, smiles and much more.

Written by Shayne/@MCFCnow.

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