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Scout Report: 5 Player To Keep an Eye On From 'Liga NOS'

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

We've been knowing that Liga NOS' teams create amazing talents. You have names like Cristiano Ronaldo, Bernardo Silva, Rúben Dias, Figo, Bruno Fernandes, etc. We know this, and the Premier League clubs know it as well.

The best part of signing players from the Portuguese league is that they will never be too expensive, and when you find an expensive player it's usually because they can become world-class players. Most recently we have the example of Rúben Dias (€68.000.000) and Bruno Fernandes (€63.000.000). But I ask myself: are they worth it? The answer is a resounding YES. These players have become key parts of the teams where they play, and in these specific cases, they play on two of the best clubs in the world.

So with this said, it's clear that Liga NOS has amazing talents, and some can definitely perform at big teams in England, so I'm giving you a list of 5 must-watch players from Liga NOS that would fit the Man City squad. Let's start!

1. Luis Diaz (FC Porto)

The 24-year-old Colombian, valued at €25m, might be one of the brightest stars that the League has seen in the past few years. His control of the ball is out of this world, and if we combine this with his finishing ability, then we have a deadly player to play upfront in almost every team. From this season alone (21/22), he's already played 11 League games, having scored 9 goals and provided 2 assists. Porto is also in the 'group of death' in the Champions League, with Liverpool, AC Milan, and Atletico Madrid, and after the first 4 games, they sit 2nd in their group, with Diaz having scored 2 goals.

His biggest qualities are definitely his speed, his skills, his touch, and his finishing. Although he's 1,82m, he's not that good in the air, but that might be his only downside, apart from that he's a deadly player to have at the front.

Being one of the most wanted players in the Portuguese league, he's valued at €80m, which would make him the most expensive player leaving the Liga NOS. There is some news that newly bought Newcastle are trying to go all out for the Colombian, but news reports from the Portuguese media say that the player wishes to finish the season with Porto, and only then evaluate all his options.

One key thing to notice: Porto has been going through difficult times when it comes to the financial side, so the value could be lowered, and a big club, like Man City, could offer a smaller price tag, but give a player out the other way around.

Click the image below to see a video of what Diaz can bring to the squad!

2. João Palhinha (Sporting CP)

He might be one of the oldest players on this list, but he's still only 26-years-old, which for a midfielder is still amazing. Palhinha had a difficult upbringing footballing-wise, having never been able to show his real abilities and always ending up loaned. Everything changed almost 3 years ago, when he played under Rúben Amorim for the first time, while he was on loan at Braga. Rúben Amorim brought out the best in him, and when he was signed to manage Sporting, he also brought him back, and now he's one, if not the most, important player in the squad.

He's quick, his passing ability is also good, but his most important qualities are his tackling ability and his work rate. He's never tired, he can run for 90 minutes plus another 90' if it's needed.

Palhinha has a €60m release clause, but just like Porto, Sporting also needs the money, so it would be possible to get Palhinha for €35m to €40m with another player going the other way. In this case, we've got Porro, and we could let go of our €20m buy-back clause as part of the deal.

Click the image below to see a video of what Palhinha can bring to the squad!

3. Pedro 'Pote' Gonçalves (Sporting CP)

Let's talk about Pote. He's only 23-years-old, although he's small (1,73m) he plays up front, usually as a False 9, which reminds me a bit of Messi. Last year, he won the Liga NOS golden boot after having scored 22 goals throughout the season. He helped Sporting win the league, after having not won for the past 19 years.

His touch is unbelievable, the passing also, but what I like the most about Pote are his positioning and his finishing skill. He's fearless, he can take a shot from everywhere, and most of the time it's usually a goal. When you mix this natural scoring ability with his skills and fearless mentality, only a crazy amount of goals can come after that.

After starting the season late, due to an injury, he has already played 7 games in the league, having scored 4 goals, and in the Champions League, he's played 2 games and has scored 2 goals and provided 1 assist.

He just got his contract renewed and now has a release clause of €80m. Once again, every player in Portugal has a high clause, but you can always get them for cheaper, but he might be one of the hardest players to get out of the list. If Pep wants to keep playing with the False 9 system and not go for a Number 9, he could go for Pote.

Click the image below to see a video of what Pote can bring to the squad!

4. Darwin Núñez (SL Benfica)

This is a name that Man City fans have been talking about a lot since the summer. At the age of 22, Darwin is one of the brightest strikers in Europe, but there's a problem with him: his mentals. If he gets in a bad form, it becomes really difficult to get him out of it, but on the other hand, if he gets in a goal-scoring streak, there's no way to stop him.

last season wasn't his best, having only scored 6 goals in the league, this season, the Uruguayan has played 9 League matches and he scored 5 goals and also provided 2 assists. In the Champions League, he's also been doing very well, having played 4 games and scoring 3 goals.

As I said, he can be a great striker, and if he gets going there's no stopping him, so imagine if he plays week-in and week-out alongside players like De Bruyne and Cancelo that can find him in the box every time. He can easily end the season with 30+ goals.

Darwin is just like every other player that plays for a big club in the Portuguese league... he has a HUGE release clause. Darwin's clause is €150m, but Man City could easily get him for around €50m to €60m. It's almost impossible to get a quality striker for cheaper than this, so I would say that this could be a smart move.

Click the image below to see a video of what Darwin can bring to the squad!

5. Lucas Veríssimo (SL Benfica)

Even though he's been at Benfica for only a couple of months, Veríssimo (26), has already shown that he's got everything he needs to be a top center-back. He's quick, he's athletic, has good positioning sense, and is a good passer of the ball; every quality a Man City defender must-have. He just now got a season-ending injury, so let's see how he does after he recovers. If he gets back to his old self and plays at his full strength, then he can become a great center-back for City, in case we end up selling Laporte or Aké.

The Brazilian defender has a €60m release clause, but in a season or two, you could probably get him for €25 to €30m, and both parties would be happy.

Click the image below to see a video of what Lucas can bring to the squad!

Before I can make my final points I would like to make a small list of honorable mentions of players that could play for Man City, whether it's has a first-team player or a backup:

  • Matheus Nunes (Sporting CP)

  • Ricardo Horta (SC Braga)

  • Julien Weigl (SL Benfica)

  • Diogo Costa (FC Porto)

  • Corona (FC Porto)

  • Gonçalo Inácio (Sporting CP)

  • Alex Grimaldo (SL Benfica)

  • João Mário (FC Porto)

  • João Mário (SL Benfica)

  • Fábio Vieira (FC Porto)

The list could go on, but we don't have all day.

So with everything said, just keep an eye on these players in the next transfer windows, and pray that they don't end up at rival clubs, or else we might be in trouble.

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