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Rúben Dias - The Pillar Of Man City’s Defence

Imagine being a 23-year-old, playing in the Portuguese League, with no expectations of moving, and then, on the last days of the transfer window, you get transferred to Manchester City and become one of the most expensive center-backs in the Premier League history. That’s the story of Rúben Dias.

Image: via Manchester City

After being bad-mouthed after his transfer, mainly because of his price and also because he wasn't the number one option at the time (behind Koulibaly and Koundé), Rúben established himself as one of the best center-backs in the world after just ONE season.

He has already played 63 games for City, and won 46 of those games, having lost only 9, which makes his loss percentage of 14%. Absolutely crazy stat. In those 63 games, he started on 61 of them, making him one of the most used players of the Man City squad. He made a partnership with John Stones during last season which got him 15 clean sheets in the Premier League. This partnership made some serious damage, so much so that Rúben won UEFA Defensive Player of The Year and Footballer's Writer Association Player of The Year.

This year he's been playing alongside Laporte, and already has 9 games in the league and 5 clean sheets, so if he (and the team) maintain this form, he could surpass his previous clean sheet record.

Although he’s only 24, he already has the tendencies of a natural leader, and due to this great quality, he was named one of the club captains for this season. His presence, on and off the pitch, seems like one of a kind, something City missed since the departure of club legend, Vincent Kompany. Pep Guardiola may have stumbled on Dias by accident, but he’s not letting him go any time soon. Having already renewed his contract (just after a year of signing), Rúben is now on this journey until 2027.

Image: via Manchester City

If after a year he already won a Premier League and a League Cup (also went to the UCL final), imagine what he’ll achieve in the next 6 years. The sky’s the limit for our star center-back, and we as supporters will just have to sit and watch this beautiful career develop.