• Pete @ManCityOracle

Patrick Vieira homes in on City youngsters

Recent reports have inferred a transfer may be pending, however a loan spell, with the option to buy, could be more likely on the cards.

Image via Metro.

Reports suggest that Patrick Vieira will use links at former clubs Arsenal and Manchester City to begin a rebuild at Crystal Palace. Man City young, French midfielder Claudio Gomes is being considered by Vieira.

City originally considered Claudio Gomes as a potential long-term replacement for Fernandinho. Gomes could be likened a little to Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante, an energetic little powerhouse covering every blade on the pitch. Man City U23s have more recently been using him in defense along side forgotten Dutchman Philippe Sandler. Sandler; a stylish defensive midfielder who has also recently been used in the City U23 side as a defender, featuring at centre-back, is also being considered a possible Vieira signing.

Philippe Sandler

Manchester City may consider selling either Gomes or Sandler to help finance the acquisition of players such as Kane and Grealish. However, loaning these players out to gain valuable Premier League experience could be the better option. In particular, Philippe Sandler who, after several injury setbacks, is beginning to show his potential. This season will be extremely important for Sandler, a loan spell at Crystal Palace could potentially be a route to the City first team.

Written by Pete/@ManCityOracle. Display image via BR.