• Shay Lugassi/@Shay_Lugassi

Messi to Manchester City, REIGNITED?

Leo Messi was very close to joining Manchester City last summer. Everything was already agreed and the Argentine spoke to Pep who very much wanted him to come, but Josep Maria Bartomeu, the former president, stopped the move and told Leo that if he wanted to leave, he needed to find a team that would pay 750 million euros.

Messi was already closed at Man City. The contract was for 3 seasons and a few more years as the club’s ambassador. Salary of 25 million euros per season. He sent a message to Bartomeu in August: "Damm, release me!", But in the end it did not happen and he stayed in Barcelona.

Picture provided by Shay Lugassi.

In March, Joan Laporta was elected the new president and his relationship with Messi is excellent. The superstar wanted to leave Barcelona, ​​but Laporta changed his mind. Messi has reached an agreement with the club on a new contract and is 99% expected to remain at the club.

Picture provided by Shay Lugassi.

The chances of Messi leaving are very low, but if in the end Barcelona do not find a way to sort out their financial problems in order to reach a settlement with the Spanish league, there is a situation that it will cause Leo to leave. Again, the chances of that happening are very, very low, but Spanish league president Javier Tabas wants Barcelona to comply with regulations like all teams.

If a dramatic case happens and Messi leaves, City and PSG are the preferred options. PSG because Messi has friends there like Neymar, Di Maria, Paredes they really want to buy it. The key he will get to City is Pep Guardiola with whom he has a great relationship and Messi loves him very much and he knows how strong the project is at Manchester City.

Written by Shay Lugassi/@Shay_Lugassi. Display image via ClutchPoints.