• Sven Claes/@svenclaes

Meet Lommel newcomer Daniel Arzani: “I am a public player”

The World Cup in Russia and the Games in Tokyo show off on the resume of Daniel Arzani (22). A serious cruciate ligament injury crippled his career, but at Lommel SK the Australian winger wants to make a comeback after failed loan spells to Celtic, (Jong) Utrecht and Aarhus. Starting on Sunday evening against Deinze.

What was your first impression of Lommel SK?

Arzani: “I was particularly impressed by Lommel SK's way of working. I'm happy to be here. The stadium is a bit smaller than I am used to (laughs). The fans will make enough noise and the ground is in perfect condition, that's all that matters."

Did you have to be convinced by City to come to Belgium?

"Not really. When the proposal was on the table, I thought about it for a while. I am convinced that this is the right step for my career. I'm having a great time in Lommel. There needs to be consistency again in my career. That's why I want to play every week. As a striker it is important to score and give assists, I will do my very best for that took

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Do you expect to become a star?

“The most important thing is that I carry out the coach's duties so that we win. When everything falls into place, not one player will shine, but the whole team. I admit I'm a crowd pleaser because football is entertainment. It is important to have a good relationship with the fans. What better way to do that than by playing in an exciting way?”

Do you see this as a very last chance from City Football Group?

"No, I wouldn't dare say that."

Why didn't you really work at (Jong) Utrecht and Aarhus last season?

“I was out of action for two years with a serious cruciate ligament injury, which I sustained on my debut for Celtic. I had to find my way again in football. I never really got a chance. To get in shape, I had to play and for that I had to prove myself, but I wasn't physically ready yet. So I ended up in a bad situation.”

Your talent is undeniable, but you have to wait for the European breakthrough?

“I agree with that. It is a combination of several factors. That serious knee injury didn't help me, of course. My favorite thing to do is train and play matches. I have not experienced that so far and I hope to find it now in Lommel.”

Did the pandemic weigh heavily on you?

“I couldn't see my family from Australia due to all the travel restrictions. I've been living away from them for quite some time, so that certainly didn't make it any easier. Everything I've been through at a young age has made me a better person. I now learn to deal with setbacks more easily. Mentally I am getting stronger every day.”

What is your biggest success to date?

“My participation with Australia at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. I played against France, Denmark and Peru. It was a great experience as the youngest player in the squad. It's true that things haven't gone according to plan since then, but that's part of life. I hope I will be back on the right track soon.”

Article by Sven Claes/@svenclaes.