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Man City lose appeal in Der Spiegel case: The Details

The latest breaking news about Man City's lost appeal to the PL about keeping details confidential in the Der Spiegel case.

Image from Bitter and Blue.

Manchester City have lost their appeal to keep details of the status of the Premier League's investigation into the Der Spiegel hack emails confidential.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, in December of 2018 reports from German magazine 'Der Spiegel' published 'leaked' emails after a hack to Man City servers and stated that City had broken PL rules to which the League decided to hold an investigation. The PL asked Man City for documents and evidence but City refused to disclose any evidence or material. The allegations were that Man City broke Financial Fair Play rules, which led UEFA to also start an investigation which resulted in a ban for City in the Champions League for two seasons which was subsequently overturned by CAS.

The PL then issued a disciplinary complaint and soon after an arbitration (a hearing) to try and get City to release evidence that would help the investigation. The PL viewed City were obliged to give the League any document requested that is relevant to investigation, though the Club 'fought tooth and nail' to avoid handing the documents over.

Image from MEN.

Man City then challenged the PL's arbitration (hearing) saying that the tribunal (court hearing) was not impartial and had pre-conceived opinions about Manchester City before the hearing and that the PL had no right to forcefully ask for documents in the investigation. Though, on June 2nd the first claim that the judges lacked impartiality was rejected and dismissed.

Today, the second claim that the PL don't have the right to ask for legal documents was rejected and meaning City must hand over any evidence that may help the Premier League come to a conclusion to determine if City broke Financial Fair Play rules or not.

If guilty, there are a range of different punishments: fine, relegation, expulsion etc but if found innocent by the Premier League, they will go on freely. Remember, City can always appeal punishments.

Written by Shayne/@MCFCnow. Display image from Bitter and Blue.