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Lionel Messi Transfer A Possibility For City Again?

It can't happen, can it?

While City fans were eagerly awaiting the official announcement of Jack Grealish's transfer from Aston Villa, Marca decided to break the internet with an update on Lionel Messi's current contract negotiations with Barcelona.


The tweet roughly translates to "Radical overturn to the Messi case. The Argentine is more out of Barça than ever, his renewal is almost impossible."

Marca's story has since been corroborated by various other sources as well. This begs the question, will Pep Guardiola finally get to reunite with his former talisman?

City are currently wrapping up the transfer agreement for Jack Grealish and still pursuing Harry Kane. Would they decide to put aside their interest in Kane in order to attempt to lure the greatest footballer of all time to the Etihad?


Only time will tell. All we know at this point is that a transfer window already full of drama somehow just got a whole lot more interesting.

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