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Jack Grealish: Win trophies or fight relegation?

The Jack Grealish saga is what’s at the forefront of every Man City fans mind but it really is an easy choice.

Image from City Chief.

Aston Villa’s Captain, Jack Grealish is wanting a move to the home of the Premier League Champions but it is proving a difficult decision for the Villa man.

Video from @marleysfan.

Grealish was videoed taking pictures and signing autographs for Aston Villa fans but was met with a barrage of uncomfortable statements. “City are a small club mate, they’ll ruin you!” one fan said. “Do you want to join a club that was formed 10 years ago?!”, said another fan. “Sign the contract extension, Jack!”, bellowed another fan. “Gotta stay mate, gotta stay”, murmured a fan as well.

The video was later deleted. The author of the video hinted the club (Aston Villa) asked her to delete the video.

Video from @AVFTS1.

Jack Grealish also spent a good hour talking to Johan Lange, Aston Villa‘s Sporting Director. They soon moved away from the media to have a further deeper conversation but as of right now, there is no Jack Grealish coupling up to Man City happening yet and Grealish is still yet to ‘move mad’ the same way Harry Kane has.

An Aston Villa fan who reported all of the drama as it was happening said Jack Grealish looked nervous and apprehensive yesterday morning but later on in the afternoon Grealish looked more happy and calmer.

Today, the biggest news is Jack Grealish sorting out his blisters. While it should be noted that no news is good news. It shows that none of the clubs have nothing to say about my a pending deal - hard work continues.

While we wait for the Fabrizio Romano, Martin Blackburn or Jack Gaughan bombazo it’s also worth knowing that all reports saying Man City are ‘confident’ getting a deal done is nothing to underestimate. They really are confident and patience.

Sam Lee, a journalist from The Athletic confirmed that the deal is a bit "delayed but on track" and told fans that “at this stage, no reason to worry [about a Grealish deal]”.

This week is the deadline regarding a Jack Grealish move to Man City and if the player doesn’t agree a deal with Man City, he is expected to stay at Aston Villa.

Written by Shayne/@MCFCnow.