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Hated, Adored but Never Ignored

As a Manchester City supporter I have become accustomed to the fact this beautiful, vibrant and I dare say historical club will never get the respect they deserve.

I mean don’t like it; in a more descriptive manner, I absolutely hate it, but for some time now it’s been indisputably obvious that we’re definitely not getting any love from our counterparts.

Just blame it on the money.

I honestly can not recall the last time Manchester City played a match where they're players names were not stripped and replaced by monetary valuations mere figures, this is how it goes week in week out; The greatest ball playing team of our generation despised and reduced to nothing but mere numbers.. mere, mere numbers as if quality of this magnitude composed of extraordinary artistry, skill, winning mentality and near perfection that has been deeply engraved into this team could simply be purchased.

I mean, I will not pretend like the large investment of money has nothing to do with the rampant success and accelerated growth of Manchester City as a footballing powerhouse but to sit here and watch the vast majority of our rivals conclude that every ounce of success Manchester City currently have is completely down to money is something I will not partake in nor will I tolerate and neither should you. money doesn't guarantee success and there are countless examples to prove this, take our “cross city” rivals from Salford for example, despite being financially capable (at least that's what it seems like) they have struggled to build on their prehistoric success and have struggled to be a constant threat for a good amount of years now despite making heavy financial investment on par with that of Manchester City (equal in time period too) the results of these investments have been astronomically different.

This goes to show that money can only do you so much good and it’s not how much you spend but a lot of it comes down to how well you spend it and this is what truly differentiates Manchester City from the majority of their rivals.

Maybe they hate me because I'm too good.

One thing we as the City faithfull need to understand is we are gonna be the scapegoats for the rampant inflation in the footballing market whether we like it or not and the best part of it is we don’t need to be apologetic about it.

It pays to hate Manchester City, our rivals want to be appeased as to why their “prehistoric” football clubs are trailing so far behind city in the modern game and they want it all explained away by money and anyone looking to sell news is more than happy propagating such delusion.

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