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Exclusive news: Brazilian talent returns temporarily and trains with City

City temporarily claims Diego Rosa, Brazilian is training in Manchester

Notable absentee against Beerschot was Diego Rosa (18), the Brazilian midfielder from Lommel SK boarded a plane to England on Saturday and will train with Manchester City for the next four weeks.

Sven Claes reports:

Diego Rosa on the left.

On Friday, Diego Rosa posed for the official team photo in the Sovereign Stadium, but one day later the Brazilian talent suddenly appeared in the center of Manchester. The teenager was invited by Manchester City this week to train with Kevin De Bruyne's employer for the next four weeks. The English champions will be short on players in the coming weeks due to the European Football Championship in Europe and the Copa America in South America and is now offering some talented players the chance to get a temporary taste of the training work in Manchester.

"It's a great experience for him," says Lommel coach Liam Manning. “Manchester City are currently missing so many players due to international tournaments that the request came from them to invite Diego. This is a fantastic opportunity for him to use Manchester City's training facilities."

Diego's Instagram story.

Rosa has been in quarantine for six days since Saturday before he will start training with the first team. The defensive midfielder is back in time for the start of the competition on August 15 against Waasland-Beveren. The Brazilian was leased by Manchester City to Lommel SK for eighteen months at the beginning of January. City paid about six million euros to the Brazilian Gremio for the teenager, according to South American media.

Written by Sven Claes/@svenclaes.