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Ederson - Man City’s Unsung Hero

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

It’s been 4 years since we signed one of the best goalkeepers in the world, yet I feel like Ederson doesn’t receive the credit he rightfully deserves.

Let’s put it in perspective: since joining the Mancunian side, Ederson has played 153 games in the Premier League, and out of those he has 76 clean sheets, which mathematically gives him a clean sheet every other game. That’s just on his soul ability to make his goal safe, but he’s not just a ‘saving goalkeeper’, he's one of the best ball-playing goalkeepers ever. His footwork and passing accuracy are unmatched at the moment. There are few keepers that come to mind on the topic of being that good with their feet, the one that comes to mind is, of course, Manuel Neuer, but has he got any assist in his long career? One (1). Ederson, who is 7 years younger, has 3 assists, a stat that is almost as crazy as the 76 clean sheets in the Premier League.

Image: Alejandro Rios via Getty Images

Since joining Man City he’s already won so much:

  • 3 Premier Leagues

  • 4 League Cups

  • 2 English Super Cups

  • 1 FA Cup

  • 1 Copa America (with Brasil)

  • 2 Premier League Golden Gloves

  • 2x in the Premier League TOTY

  • 1x in the UEFA Champions League TOTY

And believe me, he deserved more titles, not only collective but also individually.

Image: via Premier League

We don’t even realize how important this man really is for Man City to play the way Man City plays. He gives his defenders his full trust, if there’s a problem you can pass it to him, he’ll hold the ball and pass it to wherever he wants, without a drop of sweat.

Ederson has ice in his veins, you’ll never see him looking nervous or intimidated, that’s just not him. He’s always ready to head on into adversities, and most importantly when he does make a mistake, ‘Eddie’ is the first guy to own it and play even better. That’s just elite mentality.

Some might say that any other keeper would do the same if they were on goal for a team like Manchester City…well, that’s just not true. We see it when our backup keeper, Zack Steffen, starts. Although he’s good, the team doesn’t play the same way, it lacks confidence at the back and also going forward.

I hope I’m wrong, but I feel this is one of those cases where we’ll only truly value him when he’s gone, and that’s just sad.

I think it’s time for the ‘Cityzens’ to start showing love to Ederson. With this being said, I’m not talking about every supporter, but to those who are the first to riot against Ederson after a bad game or a mistake, and forgetting everything he’s done for us. Take that into consideration after every game.

Image: Michael Regan via Getty Images

A message to Ederson:

Eddie, we really appreciate everything you do for us, every pass, every save, every moment. We thank you for being our brick wall and hope you stay with us forever.



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