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Arsenal want Bernardo Silva

In a shocking twist of events. Arsenal and Atlético Madrid have set their sights on Bernardo Silva.

Image from The Guardian.

Bernardo Silva is said to have had his heart set on a summer move to Barcelona, but that looks very much impossible after Barcelona's economic crisis. With Manchester City needing to sell a 'high profile attacker' in order to bring in Harry Kane and Jack Grealish, Atletico Madrid and Arsenal have been alerted to Silva’s availability and are both interested, as per Transfer Checker.

Arsenal are said to have 'sticking points' for Bernardo Silva: 1. Convincing Bernardo Silva to downgrade to a less competitive team in the same league, rather than getting his desired move to Spain. 2. Increasing his £150k p/w wage.

Image from Bitter and Blue.

Bernardo is said to be home sick, tired of the weather and has been calling for a move since last season. But London isn't any better than Manchester weather wise, team wise and opportunity wise to win some trophies. All in all, a move to Arsenal seems heavily unlikely unless Arsenal cough up a delicious bid.

Written by Shayne/@MCFCnow. Display image from MEN.